Friday, 27 May 2016


Yesterday was good, bunch of us met up for a bit of a ride and some food. We decided on London and were heading for the ACE Café. Our pal Luke Wigley from the TAILGATERS (follow @lets_tailgate on the gram) led us through some twistys to start. We got to Cobham and Master Hall  took over till the A3. at which point it was on me!

Looking at Google Maps, round the Ace Café was fucked so we switched and made an awesome dash across London to Shoreditch, I only made one wrong turn at Finsbury Square so it all worked out rather nicely! Bike Shed for dinner. Burgers, Beer, Good Music and Good Times with a bunch of pals who don't get the chance to meet up enough!!

2016 is set to be the year that changes that we hope!

We hung out at the shed for a few hours then took in all the sights on the way home... as you do...

Jammed through the City, Waterloo, through Westminster and passed Buckingham Palace. Belgravia, Chelsea, Putney and onto the A3. Man it got cold out of town but it was worth it....


Photos: Noble, Hall, Gambs

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