Monday, 8 August 2016

The Hook Up Chopper Show 2016

So let me start by saying that this is probably one of the best shows around. Last year was epic and the weather sucked, The boys did an amazing job though and an unforgettable weekend was had by all. Roll on 2016 and this past weekend, The Hook Up Chopper Show round 2.

James did a stella job, new venue kicked ass!

We started with a killer ride lead by myself, leaving from my home town of Fleet in Hampshire. 7 hours of twisty back roads, through the Wessex Downs touching on the Cotswolds before we headed North to pick up the M4 into Wales.

As we hit the bridge the sun was baking on our backs, I turned to James from Kingdom of Kicks, "alright pal" he smiled back clearly loving every minute, "never been better"

Through the Welsh Countryside upto Llansoy and this little farm which was the venue for the show! What a great setup, Courtyard of Barns, bikes all parked up, with a food stall and the bar. Hats off to the girls working the bar to be fair, Friday night was one fucking hell of a party.

One person I was looking forward to meet was Paulo aka Joe King Helmets. Honestly, this is one of the most humble, kind and downright good humans you could ever meet! We had a blast hanging with him on the Friday night.

Saturday morning and all's quiet, many sore heads with the sun baking down and not a cloud in the sky. its like 9am and its fucking hotter than a volcano. Most of us were just lying out in the sun to get a little breeze whilst dealing with hangover from hell!

We made our way out for a little ride late morning for supplies, Beers, Water, BBQ you know the drill, needed that for sure, wakes the mind up and re-focuses you. certainly felt better by the time Chris and Alan geared up to take us all on a run through the Brecons.

Wales is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it really is, blessed to have it just a few hours away and jealous that these lads have it on their doorstep. amazing roads, amazing ride with the best guys. Sun burn and shit eating grins.

So back at the show things had got busy and what we thought would be a bit of a chilled second night turned into chaos! everyone buzzin from the days riding and the fact that more folks had turned up to the show throughout the day injected more than a bit of life back into the already happening party!

Burnouts, Beers and Chasers, we were on it like sonic! 3am was the last time I looked at my watch! not just good times, the best times.

Thanks to all the people that worked hard to put this show on for us all to enjoy, its 17:30 on Monday and I am still feeling it. maybe I need to go have a beer and sort myself out!



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