Monday, 19 September 2016

The Trip Out 2016

A great weekend to finish off the year! Well done to Andy, Anna and the whole team!

Friday, started pretty damn nicely! although the early start kicked me in the nuts a bit as I was pretty late back on the Thursday evening from riding Harley's new Milwaukee Eight motor. Absolutely awesome engine, but ill leave that for another time.

Anyways, Friday. Roads were damp as it pissed down the night before but by the time I got round my folks place and loaded up the BurGie things were heating up. Blue Skies,  Warm sunshine and a clear run to Wimbledon followed.

After a small disagreement with a particularly arrogant asshole in the petrol station who literally tried to take me off whilst pushing in front of me in his van to the pump. I arrived in Wimbledon at Guy's gaff. having stashed my bike in his garage along with Arnie the three of us headed out for a much needed breakie! Fuelled up, and a rough route (basically Google maps set to no motorways) we were ready to roll.
What came next was nothing short of a fantastic day, cruising north towards Thurleigh on some pretty fantastic Roads. After a couple of hours rolling through some great scenery it began to transpire that the villages were getting smaller and the fuel stations had all but disappeared. This presented a slight issue as Guy and I were starting to run out. when I say starting to, what I actually mean is I pretty much did. by the time we found our way to the closest fuel station I was on the last legs of my reserve. Choppers Eh?
Fuel in the bikes and not far to go we arrived at Scald End Farm. as usual a great setup from the moment we came through the gate. having picked up our ticket bands we went and found our pal Dan who had saved us a sweet camp spot. we set up then went for a mooch about.
The show field at The Trip Out is always a shock to the system. Stuff from all over Europe is all sitting in one place. from the oldest of Harley's and Indians to a Cool as fuck 70's 911. its quite a lot to take in and in fairness I was buzzing from the ride and the overload of cool shit hitting my eyes that I didn't take many photos. we met up with Wade, Stig, Dan from the Chopper Club and a whole host of people we don't get to see enough of. one of those people is Ricky from Wannabe Choppers in Germany. He's a real humble, genuine nice guy, talented to.
As you can imagine Friday night got into full swing and beers followed rum followed... you get the idea. The bands ruled and the atmosphere was great, everywhere you looked, smiling faces having a good time.
Saturday and it pissed down, all day long. this didn't seem to dampen the spirits of anyone though and the party continued. After a little run down to Sainsbury's for some supplies and a spot of breakfast at the café we were back on site chatting and chilling out. Saturday is usually a day for heading out into the countryside around the show location, hopping from Pub to Pub but this year that just wasn't on the cards. Now don't get me wrong I love to be out riding but the rain kind of forced everyone to hang out and have a few drinks and this was a good thing, we laughed we got arseholed and by the time the rain cleared, about 6pm I think, everyone was well on the way to a cracking Saturday night!

Sunday morning. "how you feeling" "brand new, how the fuck did  that happen" either I was still drunk or the centre of a miracle. It was early, a little cold and overcast but the coffee place was open already open so its all good. Fast forward the bullshit campsite chitchat, 2nd cups of coffee and the sun comes out!! "where the fuck were you yesterday!" I took the chance to take a couple of pictures.
Always loved this Swinger Pan.

David's new Sporty Chop was pretty sweet!
Walking across the show field mid morning I saw some thing hanging from Dan Harolds bike. Fucker gone and got himself Best Shovelhead!! Well done Dan that's some quality shit!!
Myself and Guy needed to get back so midmorning we started to pack up and get ready to roll out. Sun was hot on our backs. Dehydrated and sweating like a mother I still couldn't help but be in a good mood. Id had a blast the past 48hrs. Good food from Leon at Harley Dogs, good beer and good company. We hit the road buzzing for a good run home.

We were doing pretty well too, until Guys bike went down to one Cylinder. his coil was packing up and we ended up rolling down the motorway at 40mph the whole way home. I didn't mind at all to be honest, rolling with my pals in the sunshine, nestled into my comfy seat with a cool breeze on my face. After a heavy night there isn't anything better!

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