Saturday, 8 October 2016

Autumn 2016.

Its getting colder that much is for certain, this is the trouble with England. you are never sure when summer will come through but when it does it should get a speeding ticket. July, August and September have been pretty epic for weather and going into the Autumn months it seems to be holding on, until the sun goes down that is.
I had a little breakfast run with Laner last sunday, great to catch up as we have both been so busy recently. Never a dull moment when we are out and about. This time it was Laner bringing the excitement with an epic dumping of motor oil which went everywhere! Turns out it was a simple fix. The oil cap had worked loose and all the oil had leaked out the top of the tank. As luck would have it Laner needed fuel so we'd pulled in just up the road from his place before it became a real issue. Petrol station coffee, the cap back on real tight and a bottle of 20/50 (thanks Jane for getting out of bed) and we were away. Blue skies and sunshine, huge breakfast and big smiles. Talk of 2017 European adventures and the joys of breaking down to come. Ill save the outcome of that for a later date though. looks like we are on for a bit of fun next summer though!
Laners bike still leaking after we moved it  -  -  -  Alton Station Café, Hampshire England.
Live to Ride, Ride To Work.

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