Wednesday, 2 November 2016

European Tour 2017

Two of the best European shows out there. The Castle Run, which I have never been to and have wanted to go for some time, and Flanders Chopper Bash fall within a week of each other next summer. With limited opportunity to take time away over next year due to my work and family commitments this has given me the chance to book a block in my diary. Wednesday 24th May through to the 6th June I am "gone!"

The plan is simple, leave, hit the tunnel and ride the 700 or so miles to Krenkerup Castle in Denmark over the course of two days. hopefully arriving on day three, the Friday afternoon when the show opens at 15:00hrs.

The Castle Run has, as I said been a show I have wanted to do for quite a while but have always been unable due to commitments else where. Well, not next year! its on! Tickets go on sale February 1st 2017 so make sure you book up.

From Krenkerup Castle in Denmark I will be making my way to Belgium, I have no particular plan in place for this, I just know I have a whole week to get there. This should present some fun along the way and hopefully I will get to see and experience some great roads and meet some good people on route.

Saturday 3rd June 2017, Flanders Chopper Bash, Assenede, Belgium. This has been a must for me the last couple of years, Angelo puts on one hell of a party and its a good time from start to finish. If you haven't been make sure you go. The bikes, bands and atmosphere is magical.

So there it is, 14 days on the road, riding my Shovelhead in Scandinavia and northern Europe. I for one cannot wait. Leaving my place Wednesday 24th May 2017. Early doors!

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